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    Hypnotherapy has been accepted widely as a tool to help people unlock their inner potential. Celebrities such as Matt Damon and Ellen Degeneres used hypnotherapy to give up smoking, singer Lilly Allen to lose weight and athletes, Tiger Woods and Steve Hooker to get them into the zone and give them the winning edge.

    However, when people think of hypnotherapy they mistake it with Stage Hypnosis. This is when the Hypnotist gets people to come up on stage and act out embarrassing scenarios such as clucking like a chicken or believing that they have just scored the winning goal in the AFL Grand Final. There is nothing wrong with this and it is great entertainment, however it is NOT Hypnotherapy.

    Hypnotherapy is just a natural occurring state, one in which we all go in and out of each day. For example – when we drive a familiar road but can’t remember the details when we arrive at our destination or being so engrossed in a favourite hobby or book and are shocked to realise how much time has passed.

    When we are in this state our conscious mind, that part responsible for the constant chatter that goes on inside our minds as we go about our day, relaxes. When this happens our critical thinking takes a break and our subconscious mind, where all our behaviours and patterns are stored becomes heightened.

    A Hypnotherapist helps their clients to access this altered state. For when this is achieved the subconscious then becomes more receptive to the positive suggestions given that benefit the client most.


  • Treatments

    Conditions Hypnosis can help with

    Hypnosis can be a very effective technique in treating a wide range of psychological and behavioral issues

    some of these are



    Academic Performance


    Addiction of Sugar
    Addiction of Chocolate

    Addiction of Alcohol

    Bed Wetting


    Exam Performance



    Nail Biting

    Fear of Needles

    Fear of Flying

    Fear of Snakes

    Fear of Social Situations

    Quitting Smoking

    Stress Management

    Sports Performance

    Self Esteem

    Success Motivation



    Panic Attacks



    Weight Ioss



    The Virtual Gastric Band

    Is the Weight Loss Program used at the 

    Wellness Hub


    Pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger, The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program is a safe and non invasive system designed to change the way you think about food.

    It is not a diet !! nor does it evolve shakes, calorie counting or endless hours at the gym. It works by using the power of Hypnosis to retrain your mind to be satisfied on smaller amounts of food.

    Initial trials in the UK showed positive results in the 24 out of the 25 people that participated and as a result of this success, clinical trials are currently being negotiated with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. This groundbreaking system is having great success across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

    Current research is showing that even a weight loss of 5% can have significant health benefits to the body such as reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, lowering Cholesterol and decreasing blood pressure. My clients that have undergone the program also report that not only do they feel more confident, now they are the shape and size that they want to be but also to having more energy, sleeping better and just happier in general.

    This program that gives safe and predictable results consists of four, one on one sessions, each 60 minutes in duration. After the first session you will receive a CD and a set of guidelines to take home. When followed clients are losing on average between 2-3 kg in the first week, followed by a kilo per week thereafter.


    Smoking Cessation

    The average price of a packet of cigarettes in Australia costs between $25 -$30 , this adds up to around $9,000 per year for those who smoke a packet a day. However, due to another tax hike, by the year 2020 the same smoker can expect to hand over a massive $16,000 per year for the pleasure !!

    Just imagine what you could do with all this extra money !!


    What if you could give up smoking without anxiety, withdrawals or even putting on weight ?

    When we are in the hypnotic state our subconscious mind becomes heightened, suggestions given at this time can override even the most ingrained patterns


    The smoking cessation program consists of x 2, 60 min one on one sessions tailored to the individual, using both a combination of NLP & Hypnotherapy.


    I don't provide guarantees and I would urge you to question anyone who does in regard to their results and how they were obtained.


    All I ask is that you are committed & motivated to achieve your goal, if there is any doubt as to what you really want, it could result in failure as no hypnotherapist in the world can override your unconscious choices.



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    Sharon uses a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP to help her clients work through whatever blocks or issues that may be preventing them having a life they truly deserve.

    She holds a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and is listed on the National Hypnotherapist Register Australia.

    She also trained in London as a Master NLP practitioner with co founder Dr Richard Bandler and the UK's leading Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna

  • Testimonials


    I had got to the stage where my weight had just been increasing gradually
    over time. I had tried the Gym and diets, but couldn't seem to stick to
    them. Things always managed to get in the way, and never enough time in the

    I knew what I should be doing, I just couldn't get myself to do it. Over
    eating, eating the wrong types of foods and in large proportions was a
    common occurrence.

    I had never had hypnotherapy before, but had seen articles on tv and the
    internet. Whilst I was keen to try, I was a little apprehensive would it
    work for me? I started doing some further research and looked into
    hypnotherapists that were registered on the National Hypnotherapists
    Register of Australia, if I was going to do this I wanted someone who was
    qualified, which is where I found Sharons name.

    I have never done something so easy and comfortable before, during the
    visits Sharon made me feel safe and relaxed.

    In just over 3 months I have lost 11kgs, I dont constantly feel hungry or
    think about food, the size of my meals have dramatically reduced and I am
    aware of when my stomach is feeling full. I no longer eat for the sake of
    eating and I am also drinking a lot more water that I used to. I feel good
    about myself and I am proud of where I am up to.

    A - Wagga Wagga


    My journey with weight loss started from a very young age, being an emotional eater this battle has ruled my whole life. Emotionally, physically, my health, and relationships have all suffered because of it.

    I have tried just about every major weight loss centre available, plus internet and magazine diets... and while they worked for varying periods of time, it wasn't long before I'd be once again in my old patterns of eating and on a regular basis binging, and giving into my cravings. 


    Over the last three to four years the binging has been slowly getting worse and worse to the point where I got to my highest weight ever... 130kgs.


    I realised at this point I needed some serious help, so sticking to the "normal" thing to do I went to a dietician, and after a couple of visits I gave up once again due to the fact that she couldn't help with my emotional patterns of eating. 
     It was at this time that I came across an advert on Facebook in relation to the Gastric Banding Hypnotherapy, (I had looked into Gastric bypass surgery but felt that this was an absolute last resort, and way too expensive), I must admit that I was sceptical, and took  another couple of weeks before I got to the point of accepting that this was my last chance to do something about my health and wellbeing. I finally made the call to Sharon......


    From the moment I spoke to Sharon on the phone, I knew that I was understood, every scenario I gave, every symptom that I mentioned was met with compassion, caring, and something that I hadn't heard before.... the words, "Yes, I can help you. and my first appointment was booked.

     Walking into Sharon's room the next week, I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I do know now is that having Gastric Banding Hypnotherapy has been the best decision I could have made.


    I understand why I was doing what I was doing and eating what I was, my old thought patterns aren't there, I don't have cravings anymore, I feel happier, healthier, I exercise everyday and I actually look forward to it and enjoy it.

    The added bonus is that the weight is coming off, and while I have quite a way to go to get to my goal weight, I am so excited for my future.


    I can not thank Sharon enough

    H -  Griffith





    Hi Sharon


    Just to let you know that I am still losing weight, 7 kg and now weight 83 kg
    Went and seen my diabetic advisor this morning and she could not believe the results I am having, my sugar levels are down and I am only using one needle a day and that is at night down from 4 a day she wants to see me again toward the end of the year and I should be off all my needles
    The dr has cut down my cholesterol tablets by half since I have been losing weight
    Donna by diabetic advisor is going to see you and have a talk about the program as she said she would like to .

    Your program has been the best thing I have ever done thank you

    K - Talbingo










    I found hypnotherapy with Sharon was very good. I felt very safe and extremely relaxed.

    Normally when I try to meditate or relax and picture a lovely place to be in my mind, I find it very difficult but with
    Sharon under hypnotherapy I was able to totally imagine a beautiful place to be in my mind.
    'I was in a forest and looking up I could see the sun beaming through the trees, I then went to a small
    beach that was totally just for me and on that beach was a small opened cave with the softest sand under
    my feet and it was my own little safe haven'.
    I was blown away with this imagery as I said, normally I cannot imagine anything.
    Under the hypnotherapy I was able to instantly relax. I have recommended Sharon to my friends for various

    K - Wagga Wagga



    Just an update regarding the hypnotherapy we did for my gambling. I am please and very excited to tell you that I have not spent one cent in a machine since I saw you. I have been to the pubs for dinner and nights out and had no issues at all. I also went on a cruise where my hubby and I had to walk through the casino many times to get places on the ship and I had no issues there either. I just keep saying whenever I see a machine "I don't do that anymore " and turn my head. Loving the financial freedom I have gained. I even carry cash now. I am so very proud of myself. 


    M - Wagga Wagga



    I have found the process of hypnotherapy both captivating and one in which it fulfills its promise - I no longer crave chocolate or sugar, am geared to eat only 3 meals a day and have have lost 4 kgs in 4 weeks.  As the sessions progressed I lowered my guard and found that I responded more fully to each hypnotherapy session.  It was a pleasure to work with Sharon because she explained the concept of hypnotherapy clearly and heard my concerns which made my sessions more meaningful.


    Out of exasperation, I rang Sharon to

    help me quit my disgusting nail biting habit. I had bitten my nails for over forty years. I had tried everything. I had instances where I could grow my nails, but gauged at the skin around my thumbs with my longer nails until it bled. I would end up biting again. I wanted something to last.

    My initial phone call to Sharon made me feel at ease. She listened. Sharon was able to book me in the following week for my first session. From that day I made the conscious decision not to bite my nails again.

    At my first session I explained again at how desperate I was to give up my disgusting habit. Sharon asked when and why I “attacked” my nails. It turns out nail biting was not the sole problem. My anxiety was a major factor.

    My first session was the deepest relaxation I had ever experienced. I was safe and receptive. After this session my anxiety and fears were reduced and I had no desire to “attack” my nails.

    The follow up session, was a deeper relaxation again. My nails are now growing. I don’t chew them or have the desire to “attack” them. I have other relaxation techniques which I can implement. My nails are still growing. I just don't "attack" them anymore.

  • Hours & Fees


    Tuesday - Friday

    10 am - 6 pm

    Evening Appointments available



    Initial Consultation - Cost $350

    All sessions for most conditions comprise of an initial consult of 75

    min and a follow up of 60 min



    The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program - Cost $650

    4 session package - First session 75 min duration
    3 subsequent sessions 45 min duration


    Smoking Cessation - $360

    2 sessions - First 60 min - Second 45 min

    1-3 days apart


    Little people - Under 12's - $320

    2 sessions - First 60 min - Second 45 min


    Subsequent sessions - $100

    45 - 60 min duration


    All sessions are payable in full at first session. We do have eftpos facilities and there are a few health funds that cover Hypnotherapy,you will just need to check with yours


    It is hard to say how many session will be needed as everyone is different. I find between 4-8 sessions is the best option in providing lasting change.


    Appointments are essential



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