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    Hypnotherapy is a natural occurring state, one in which we all go in and out of each day. Have you ever driven a familiar road only to get at your destination yet can't remember the details of the trip ? Or do you remember daydreaming at school, gazing out the window, you know where you are but you have just drifted off. Watching our favourite show on TV or getting so engrossed in a book that we lose track of time, all of this is …..Hypnosis !

    When we are in this altered state our conscious mind, that part responsible for the constant chatter that goes on inside our minds , relaxes. When this happens our critical thinking takes a break and our unconscious mind, where all our behaviors and patterns are stored becomes heightened, when our unconscious mind is heightened it becomes susceptible to the suggestions that help in achieving positive changes .


    Hypnotherapy has also been used by many celebrities , Matt Damon and Ellen Degeneres used hypnotherapy to give up smoking, singer Lilly Allen to lose weight and athletes, Tiger Woods and Steve Hooker to get them into the zone and give them the winning edge.

    However, when people think of hypnotherapy they mistake it with Stage Hypnosis. This is when the Hypnotist gets people to come up on stage and act out embarrassing scenarios such as clucking like a chicken or believing that they have just scored the winning goal in the AFL Grand Final. There is nothing wrong with this and it is great entertainment, however it is NOT Hypnotherapy.


    A Hypnotherapist helps their clients to access this altered state. For when this is achieved the unconscious then becomes receptive to the positive suggestions given that benefit the client most.


  • What can Hypnotherapy help with

    Conditions Hypnosis can help with

    Hypnosis can be a very effective technique in treating a wide range of psychological and behavioral issues

    some of these are



    Academic Performance




    Exam Performance



    Nail Biting

    Fear of Needles

    Fear of Flying

    Fear of Snakes

    Fear of Social Situations

    Quitting Smoking

    Stop Vaping

    Stress Management

    Sports Performance

    Self Esteem



    Panic Attacks



    Virtual Gastric Band

    Weight Loss





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