• What is hypnotherapy ?

    Watch this short video explaining how hypnosis works and what is can be used for.

    Hypnotherapy is different to what you see on stage, that is for entertainment. Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and quick tool to help discover what may be blocking you or holding you back, when this is known it can then be changed. It can be changed into more positive beneficial behaviours and more positive thoughts. It is a way to reboot your mind, delete those unwanted files and update them. We reboot our computers, phones all the time but we never even consider rebooting our most powerful software, which is our mind.

    What outdated files are you running ? What if you could unblock that fear or phobia ? What if you could be more motivated and productive ? What is you could have the tools to quiet down that inner critic ?

    How would your life be different ? What would you be doing that your not doing now ?

    Hypnotherapy can work for everyone and everyone can be hypnotised , you can't get stuck and no hypnotherapist in the world can make you do something you don't want to do, nor can they make you reveal something you don't want to reveal.

    You do however, need a practitioner that is experienced, qualifed and insured.

    Watch now and if you are new to hypnotherapy or just curious as to what it feels like click on the download button below for your free recording, aimed to give you amazing motivation in just 10 minutes per day !

  • New to hypnotherapy ?

    Not tried hypnotherapy before ? Maybe youv'e wondered what it feels like ?

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    in just 10 minutes a day

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  • What can Hypnotherapy help with

    Conditions Hypnosis can help with

    Hypnosis can be a very effective technique in treating a wide range of psychological and behavioral issues

    some of these are



    Academic Performance




    Exam Performance



    Nail Biting

    Fear of Needles

    Fear of Flying

    Fear of Snakes

    Fear of Social Situations

    Quitting Smoking

    Stop Vaping

    Stress Management

    Sports Performance

    Self Esteem



    Panic Attacks



    Virtual Gastric Band

    Weight Loss



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