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    A Powerful Weight Loss System


    " Seriously, the easiest weight loss journey I have ever been on ! "


    Use the power of your mind to think and feel differently about food

    It is not a diet !


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  • Kat

    As it stands Iv'e lost 31.5kg. I have created life long habits that I haven't been able to do for 33 years !

    This means more to me than losing the weight .

    I am so thankful I walked into your office that day

    Kat x


    I went to see my diabetic advisor this morning and she said she could not believe the results. My sugar levels are down and I am only using one needle per day. Your program has been the best thing I have ever done.

    Thank you 


    I don't have cravings anymore. I feel happier and healthier. I exercise everyday and I actually look forward to it.

    I can't thank Sharon enough


     I previously lost a lot of weight with another hypnosis program. However, it had a restrictive eating plan attached which was hard and similar to one I had already done called the HCG diet. I did lose weight but have since put it all back on with interest !

    So I was sceptible about trying hypnosis again.

    I am so glad I did ! I finally feel like I am incontrol. My portions have reduced and I no longer feel like I am thinking about food all day. The support from Sharon has been amazing . Best descision I have ever made


    Thank you Sharon, I was listening to the download everyday it was easy and relaxing and I was able to stick to eating smaller portions and not snacking between meals.


  • Is this you


    You know exactly how to lose weight, you have done every diet.


    You go great for a couple of weeks and then those old habits begin to return and slowy the weight creeps back on.


    You start out great every morning and then the afternoon comes and all good intentions go out the window.


    You feel like you are consumed with thoughts about food and weight.

    You might have even tried Hypnotherapy before, lost weight initially but found the program it too hard to maintain ? 


    If this is you, please know this..... you are not alone !


    This is how all my clients feel at the start


    This program helps you to regain control, to feel better about yourself, it will help to turn down and tame that inner critic and turn up that voice that is positive, encouraging.


    Helping you to feel calmer, sleep better and just happier in general.


    It is time to do something for you !




  • What is the Virtual Gastic Band ? 



    It is a completely a natural and non-surgical weight loss option that provides permanent results , with no side effects and at a fraction of the cost of Bariatric Surgery.


    Pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger, The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program is a safe and non invasive system designed to change the way you think and feel about food.


    It is not a diet !!   nor is it a restrictive eating plan or evolve shakes, calorie counting or endless hours at the gym !

    It works by using the power of Hypnosis to retrain your mind to be satisfied on smaller amounts of food. 

    Initial trials in the UK showed positive results in the 24 out of the 25 people that participated and as a result of this success, clinical trials are currently being negotiated with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. This groundbreaking system is having great success across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. 

    Current research is showing that even a weight loss of 5% can have significant health benefits to the body such as reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, lowering cholesterol and decreasing blood pressure. My clients that have undergone the program report that not only do they lose weight , they feel better , they sleep better and are happier and more in control than they have been for along while. 

    This program gives safe and predictable results, it consists of four, one on one sessions, the initial consultation takes around 60 minutes ,the remaining three all 30 minutes. After the first session you will recieve a hypnosis recording to listen to each night  When followed clients are losing on average between 2-3 kg in the first week, followed by a kilo per week thereafter and are able to keep it off !

    Who is it for ?

    As stated earlier, everyone of our clients knows exactly what to do when it comes to losing weight, in fact they could all probably write a book ! However, they struggle with staying on track, or their old patterns and beliefs about food keep getting in the way of their goals. You know those words we all would hear as children, " eat up all your dinner and you will grow up to be a big boy / girl," "or clear your plate there are children starving in the world". So we then wonder why we can't leave food, or why we eat for the wrong reasons, bored, sad or for comfort. When you think about it any diet will work as long as you stay on it and that's where people struggle, they struggle with that all or nothing attitude. You go on a diet, then eat something you're not meant to eat and think you have ruined it, so you eat the rest of the ice cream, block of chocolate, telling yourself you will start again on Monday, hoping that on Monday your motivation is there waiting, chances are it isn't.


    The Virtual Gastric Band works to update your most powerful software, your mind..... to think and feel differently about food.

    By using Hypnosis we can access the subconscious mind where all your patterns and behaviors are stored, when we have access, we can then change those old outdated patterns and beliefs about food and replace them with more beneficial and positive ones.

    The Virtual Gastric Band is not a diet !

    We look to change the way you think about food. All sessions are one to one and therefore tailored to the individual. To book use the above booking tab


    "Gastric Banding Hypnotherapy has been the best decision I could have made."

    "This is the easiest thing I have ever done "



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  • How does is work

    The program consists of four, one on on sessions. The initial session is 60 min in duration, the following three are all around 30 minutes long. You will recieve a hypnosis recording that you listen to each day, this will reinforce everything that we cover in the sessions, you will then receive another download at the end of the program, this will assist you to continue with your weight loss.


    The program is not a diet !


    When you think about it any diet will work....if you stay on them . Which is the hard part as they are not sustainable, it doesn't matter which one you choose, they are all the same and will all work while you stay on them and usually, when the wedding is over or you get into that dress, you revert to old eating patterns.


    The Gastric Band is different, it puts you back incontrol, it looks at retraining your mind, so that you eat when you are hungry and when you aren't you won't. It is not restrictive, nor does it require special meals. It is designed to be sustainable and easy, it just requires making small changes each day.

    Cost is currently $777, payable in full at the first session. All sessions must be taken within a two month period.


    A recent addition to the program is the new APP. One place to keep your origional recording, plus the addition of FOUR brand new recordings



    Results can vary from person to person, the above is for information purposes only and not a replacement for any medical advise or diagnosis.