• Children & Teenagers

    What is it ?

    Hypnotherapy for children is totally safe and natural, in fact during those first formative years children ( 0 - 7 ) are in theta, that brain wave state that is responsible for their amazing imaginations. It is also the same state adults associate with relaxation, meditation and hypnosis !

    What can it be used for ?

    Some issues but not limited to are -


    Bed Wetting



    Fear of dogs

    Needle phobias

    Sleep Issues

    Thumb sucking

    Academic performance

    Sport performance

  • What to expect in the session


    In the initial consultation both the child and guardian are invited into the practice room. All things hypnosis will be discussed and both the child and guardian will have the opportunity to ask any questions, so going forward everyone is comfortable

    When I explain hypnosis to little people I do so in a way that they can relate, for example, if you think about a computer that has some files that are outdated or slowing it down, it is the same with our mind, it might have some habits or behaviours that are not helping any more, we need to replace them with those that are more positive and beneficial .

    My job is just to be the facilitator and guide the child into that daydreamy state (hypnosis) that allows change to happen.

  • Children & Teenage package

    This package is for those little people from 5 to 18. It consists of three sessions, the initial 45 minute consult and two 30 minute sessions, all taken within a month.

    Price - $350 (paid in full at first session )